Cybersecurity – How can we protect ourselves?

The US Embassy and American Corners invite teachers, parents and young people to a series of free online workshops: “Cybersecurity – how to protect yourself”. The teacher and expert Łukasz Gierek invites you to the world of safe Internet, he will show you how to verify information, how to recognize a troll and avoid manipulation and access of uninvited people to our sensitive data.

Meetings will be held in Polish on Thursdays from 18:00 – 19:30. You can participate in any workshop you choose. Participants who register and take part in all meetings will receive a certificate confirming the completion of the entire cycle.

Registered persons will be sent a link to the event on the MS Teams platform to the email address provided during registration.

The Cybersecurity cycle consists of 4 webinars on the following topics:

May 12th , 2022 18:00 How fake news becomes news and hate speech becomes news. Albert Einstein once said that “The disadvantage of Internet quotes is that everyone immediately believes them to be true” – we will try to prove that the words of an outstanding scientist are really true, or maybe they are not? What is true and what is false in today’s world? How not to flow with the wave of fake news and segregate messages from social media. How to fight hate? You will learn about all this in this webinar.

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May 19th, 2022 18:00 Online disinformation, or the dark side of the Internet. The war in the 21st century has moved to digital media. When you once wondered what a modern war would look like in the age of social media – this is what it is going on. It was preceded by cyberalerts, attacks on the country’s IT infrastructure, panic spreading and widely understood disinformation – and all this was happening while the war had not yet officially started. The widely available mass media, the inability to deactivate the Internet in the attacked country have resulted in various news reaching us, so – how to distinguish truth from falsehood, how not to succumb to propaganda, how not to share what we should not – so as not to spread disinformation and panic , how to recognize an Internet troll, or how not to be manipulated by information – you will learn about all this on this webinar.

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May 26th, 2022 18:00 Social engineering and other forms of “cyber manipulation”. “Hello, I am calling you from the clean poviat program / your voivodeship cares about your health / with a presentation of fantastic, super unnecessary products at a fantastic, super high price, where you have a unique gadget to pick up. I can also call you in an unusual case – breaking into your bank account, but I can also send a fake text message, fake a bank website or … well, there are plenty of possibilities and attempts to cheat an ordinary citizen, unfortunately, not knowing the Internet mechanisms or social engineering, we get cheated more and more. How to be safe, how to verify information, how not to be led into the sociological and marketing dark corner – you will find out on this webinar. “ Registration link:

June 2nd 2022 18:00 Deepfake – untruth more and more true. A lie in cooperation with modern technology can pretend the truth very effectively, the logic and culture have no chance to get out of the dark well of untruth and manipulation without proper knowledge. This is what deepfake is – modern technology that has so been adopted as a curiosity from the world of sci-fi, or as a show of the possibilities of television and media of the future so far – today it has become an effective weapon in creating untruth and disinformation. A weapon badly needed to steer society, but also to be part of a military tactic that changes the fate of the world. Is it possible to distinguish photo manipulation from the truth – there are proven methods, which I will tell you about, is it possible to distinguish deepfake from the truth …?

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